barkTheme of the year 2013: Bark

"It was an interesting and instructive experience and an unforgettable time. A place for free and endless creativity and inspiration. To be able to learn in such a unique environment is priceless and a one of a kind experience!
Härjedalens Kulturcentrum gives the opportunity to experience art and culture in an almost magical landscape!

Nina H., Switzerland, participant of Härjedalens Summer Academy 2012

Welcome to Härjedalens Sommarakademi 2013 (The Härjedalen Summer Academy)

Sweden's Pioneering Summer Academy, where performing and non-performing arts will meet


Our Summer Academy is located in Härjedalen, one of Sweden's highest elevated counties, and under the auspice of “Härjedalens Kulturcentrum” (The Härjedalen Cultural Centre) in a newly renovated timber framed theatre building from 1921, which provides the perfect setting for a truly special summer school experience.

Situated only a short walk from the mystic nature, the Härjedalens Summer Academy offers a fantastic mix. Here, in the peaceful village of Lillhärdal 500km northwest of Stockholm and 400km northeast of Oslo, under the tutelage of well known cultural personalities, it will be possible for students, young artists and competent amateurs of all disciplines to enhance their creativity and inventiveness.

Workshop Philosophy

We will not, as at other Summer Academies, hold workshops on specific separate subjects, but strive in the workshop work to find mutual or parallel aspects in what is normally seen as two separate art forms. By challenging artistic development in separate genres, the workshops will seek to articulate shared expressions and positions as well as point out differencies, boundaries and discrepancies.

In each of the parallel 10-day workshops two opposing art forms or cultural spheres will meet. We will, from a given theme, seek and study both concrete and abstract interactions in two given separate fields. The chosen theme will reflect the mystic Nordic nature surrounding the village of Lillhärdal. The theme 2013 is bark.




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