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Welcome to Härjedalens Sommarakademi 2013 (The Härjedalen Summer Academy)





The Theme for 2013:Bark.

Bark is much more than the outermost layers of wooden plants.. Bark is the basic for many products including spices, latex, cork, medicine and hallucinatory chemicals. Bark is food. Canoes, cloth, ropes, roof covering, papers are made from bark. Bark has a unique surface, is a distinctive mark of trees, a microcosmos for insects, lichen and birds.
Bark is inner bark and outer bark. Bark includes dead and living tissue.
Bark is a nontechnical term.

There are no limits to the artistic interpretations and treatment of the subject.
Explore your Inspiration!


course philosophy

Workshop Philosophy

In each of the parallel 10-day workshops two opposing art forms or cultural spheres will meet. We will, from a given theme, seek and study both concrete and abstract interactions in two given separate fields. The chosen theme will reflect the mystic Nordic nature surrounding the village of Lillhärdal.



We will not, as at other Summer Academies, hold workshops on specific separate subjects, but strive in the workshop work to find mutual or parallel aspects in what is normally seen as two separate art forms. By challenging artistic development in separate genres, the workshops will seek to articulate shared expressions and positions as well as point out differencies, boundaries and discrepancies.




mapOur Summer Academy is located in Härjedalen, one of Sweden's highest elevated counties. It is so easy to get to Härjedalens Kulturcentrum:

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We arrange guided tours to fascinating places (i.e. prehistorical rock paintings in Messlingen), breathtaking views and historical buildings.

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Workshop Fee for 10-day workshop

8600 SEK (app 900 EUR)
6600 SEK (students, app 700 EUR)

The Härjedalen Summer Academy can offer financial assistance to students with financial needs on a "first come, first served" basis due to funding limitations.


  • within 5 minutes walk from Härjedalens Kulturcentrum
  • all participants will join together the same full pension (breakfast, lunch, coffee, dinner)
  • from 270 Euro/workshop


How to apply

  • select your workshop
  • fill in the application form
  • return the form to us
  • we will confirm your application
  • welcome to Härjedalens Sommarakademi

Application term starts January 10th on a a "first come, first served" basis.


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The Team:

flavia Flavia, production kerstin Kerstin, office andrAndreas, direction